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    No point in owning a property that costs you loads of money each week to hold and affects your lifestyle when you can get the same capital growth results by selecting the right location and property type that is also Cash Flow Positive. However, these properties are not easy to find. You can spend weeks on end researching the market and still not find the right property. Why continue to waste your precious time when we have already done the research? We are the market experts and have years of experience in finding clients the investment that are not only cash flow positive, but also have strong capital growth.


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    When buying an investment property you need to not only consider the main reason for buying the property which is capital growth. (Rule 1 of property investment) but you also need to take into account the cash flows of the property. High cash flow is paramount to a well-structured and sustainable portfolio. In order for you to find the right property, all emotion needs to be removed and the property must be selected purely based on solid research and numbers.

    Some keys points we take into account in researching the right locations for our clients:

    • Supply and Demand of locations. You cannot have an oversupply and expect to get capital growth and strong positive cash flow.
    • Diverse range of job opportunities
    • Location and surrounding amenities
    • Solid and proven rental yield
    • Surrounding suburbs
    • Value buying of the asset

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    Rogers Property Group is a small team of dynamic and forward-thinking professionals who specialise in high yield property investments in Australia.

    We are a boutique company, and this allows us to provide a very personal and efficient service for our clients. We are able to maintain the highest of standards, and are not just some faceless, large scale operation of sales people trying to make a commission.

    When you contact Rogers Property Group, you will be served by a dedicated investment expert, the author himself of “The Complete Guide to Property Investing in Australia“, who will be able to talk you through your investment opportunities, and answer any questions that you may have, from start to finish, and beyond. We maintain a high percentage of our business by word of mouth and repeat clients, our reputation and ultra-high level of service are what make us the best at what we do.

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